Project Duster

Project Duster is currently in its third phase of its restoration.

Now that the vehicle has been installed on a rotisserie, we are able to begin the removal of panels that provide structural integrity as well as further strip the paint off of the rest of the vehicle. First we will have to carefully inspect all the exposed segments of the body of the vehicle and figure out which panels will need to be replaced and which can be repaired.

As more of the bare metal is exposed, we are finding more and more panels that need to be replaced. To expose the metal we hade to grind the paint off with a variety of tools that could reach into the different areas. After the metal was exposed and inspected, segments that didn't need to be replaced were sprayed with primer to protect it from rusting.

As we move on to replacing the panels, we will have to carefully brace the body of the vehicle before removing any of the segments that are keeping the vehicle in its overall shape while on the rotisserie. Attention to detail will play a key part in removing and replacing these segments one at a time.

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1966 GMC C10 Shortbed Stepside Truck

This vehicle is fully restored.

We were brought in on the late phase of this restoration by the customer. The removable panels were brought in to the shop to be prepped and painted. The paint team did a marvelous job in bringing the color the customer picked to life

After some discussion, it was decided to add the accent color to the vehicle which really brought it together

The parts and truck were sent back to the customer for final assembly. Once the vehicle was finished, the customer brought it by to thank us, and to show us the finished product that we helped with.